Disposal of 930-acre site paves the way for major leisure scheme in Fife Image

Disposal of 930-acre site paves the way for major leisure scheme in Fife

05 May 2021

Disposal of 930-acre site paves the way for major leisure scheme in Fife

05 May 2021

Hargreaves Land has announced the sale of the St Ninians and Loch Fitty site, situated in a strategic location within the Kingdom of Fife, to National Pride (St Ninians) Limited. Ryden acted on behalf of Hargreaves Land in this significant transaction. 

The 930-acre site, located near Dunfermline, will be developed by the National Pride delivery team of internationally recognised professionals to become an Eco-Therapy Wellness Park.

The new development will not only incorporate Fife Council’s intention for a tourism and leisure destination but will be further enhanced by combining nature and guests in a destination of immersive activity with distributed places for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The St Ninians site comprises a range of wood and agricultural land surrounding Loch Fitty which was previously operated as a successful trout fishery. Currently, the site includes a restored former surface mine and dramatic landforms created by world-renowned landscape architect Charles Jencks representing the four continents across the globe influenced by Scottish immigrants throughout history.

The plans to be delivered by National Pride will retain the sculptured landforms as a signature piece for generations to admire and remember the influence that the people of Scotland have had upon the world.

Philip Rayson, senior planning & development manager at Hargreaves Land added:

“St Ninians is a fantastic site with great potential to deliver significant benefits to the area and the investment and scale of environmentally sensitive development that National Pride have planned are very exciting. This is the second site Hargreaves Land has sold to National Pride and we are confident that the site is in good hands and look forward to watching their plans for the site develop."

Irene Bisset, Chair of National Pride stated

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to add this wonderful place to our Eco-Therapy Wellness series of projects. As the new custodians of St Ninians, we will create vibrant and restful places for all to experience the beauty and healing power that nature can bring into all our lives. We will also create a leisure and tourism destination that will provide significant economic and community benefit to the area. Our plans include the rewilding of much of the area, as our commitment to the decarbonisation of the environment, all sensitively crafted to enhance nature and stimulate both mental and physical health for our guests.”

The sale of the site, which is identified for tourism and leisure uses in the Fife Development plan, was agreed with the assistance of joint agents Ryden and Davidson & Robertson Rural.

Neil McAlister of Ryden commented:

“I am very pleased to be involved in this significant sale on behalf of Hargreaves Land.  The site adjoins the M90 at Junction 4 which is one of Scotland's busiest motorways and is therefore high profile particularly with the Charles Jencks designed landscaping. I also look forward to seeing the site being developed by National Pride.”

Niall Milner of D&R continued:

“As part of the selling team D&R are obviously pleased that the site has sold during the Coronavirus pandemic, moreover we can all take comfort that there is a clear confidence to invest in the leisure and tourism industry for flagship developments beyond our current circumstances and personal restrictions”.