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Site 12, Dundee Central Waterfront, Dundee, City Of Dundee, DD1 4BY

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    To Let
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    Upon Application
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    59,008 Sq Ft
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Property Highlights

  • Award winning new waterfront.
  • Dundee Waterfront is the third largest regeneration project in the UK.
  • Dundee joins cities such as Seoul, Montreal, Singapore and Berlin as the UK's First Unesco City of Design.
  • Dundee is home to the V&A, the only design museum in the UK outside of London which is attracting in excess of 275,000 visitors annually.
  • Dundee Airport is only a 5 minute drive and has direct flights to London City, Belfast, Orkney and Shetland.
  • Potential uses include commercial/office space, active ground floor, leisure/ cultural activities or specialist retail use.


This mixed use development site enjoys an excellent waterfront location with easy access to the Tay Bridge. Developments within this site are expected to be of a mixed use nature and may include commercial/office space, active ground floor, leisure/cultural activities or specialist retail use. All vehicle servicing is via Patent Slip Way entering from the north-east. .


  • 58,986 Sq Ft

Total Size: 58,986 Sq Ft