Ryden's Brexit survey: property industry votes to stay in EU

29th March 2016

The property and business community looks set to vote to stay within the EU, according to a recent survey on the forthcoming Referendum conducted by property consultant Ryden. 

The overall results indicate that a large majority of 70% of 186 respondents believe that the UK should remain in the EU. A minority of 18% believe that the UK should leave, while 12% are undecided.

The survey also asked whether the Referendum process is likely to affect their business income. The highest proportion of respondents (46%) thought that income would be unaffected, although a large minority (35%) thought that their income will decrease a little.

Partner Dr Mark Robertson says: "In common with our client surveys in the run-up to Scotland's Referendum, this new survey indicates that the property industry favours the status quo and would prefer to remain in the EU. It's interesting however that the effect of the Referendum itself is expected to be marginal, as previous experience suggests that a market hiatus can be expected".

The firm polled businesses in both Scotland and England and around 85% of the responses came from Scottish-based businesses.  View Ryden's Brexit survey results infographic.

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