Managing Partner Bill Duguid Reacts to the EU Referendum Result

24th June 2016

"In the build up to the referendum we undoubtedly felt a pause in commercial property market activity but also anticipated, from the results of polls showing a Remain vote was the more likely, that we could see a ‘bounce’ effect for the property investment market in Scotland if this were the result and after markets had settled.

However with the overall UK vote to Leave we are inevitably now facing a period of uncertainty for all markets which is likely to be further exacerbated by the announcement of the Prime Minister's resignation, making operating conditions in the short term very unpredictable. In Scotland we have become used to dealing with significant change in recent times with both the Scottish independence question and the dramatic drop in oil prices so we are familiar with working in a flexible way through challenging times and searching for the opportunities that change can also bring.

Today our teams are on the phones speaking to clients, understanding their initial reactions and what it may mean for their business and starting the discussion on the best way ahead. We will continue to monitor the markets and political developments closely in order to bring you our analysis of the evolving situation in the weeks ahead."

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