Why you need to act now on business rates

All ratepayers are issued annually with forms which must be completed as a statutory requirement and returned by the deadline stated. 

The Return of Information Form (Scotland) and Form of Return (England) ask for rents and costs as at April 2015.  It is important to be accurate, as the information is used to calculate your future rates bill from the next Rating Revaluation (scheduled for 1 April 2017).

Information required for the form:

  • The full property address
  • If the property is owner-occupied or tenanted
  • Confirmation of the names of the tenant and landlord
  • Date and terms of any lease in place
  • Rent
  • Any premium paid
  • If the tenant or owner has carried out any alterations to the property as part of the transaction
  • If there have been any subsequent alterations made to the property
  • If there has been a recent rent review
  • Confirmation of all costs incurred in any works to the property

It is vital that forms are completed accurately and on time to avoid costly mistakes in business rates bills.

Ryden's rating experts have helped thousands of ratepayers to complete these complex documents. If you'd like assistance with yours, we are happy to help.

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