How to approach development land disposal

The supply:demand imbalance within certain regional sub-sectors is leading landowners to consider whether their landholdings are ripe for development.  Whilst much activity to date has been residential led, the dynamics are such that commercial opportunities are being re-appraised.

The key issues when considering land disposal for commercial development are ensuring a proper understanding of a site's potential in planning terms and how this corresponds with latent market demand. 

By combining first-hand knowledge of: the occupational market; the rents that could be achieved; investor appetite, sentiment and pricing for completed income-producing stock and; coupling this with cost data - detailed and forensic appraisals can be constructed.  These illustrate envisaged profitability, underlying land pricing and enable modelling to be undertaken to assess and mitigate risk.  The resultant figures can be robustly appraised by detailed analysis of corroborated land sales evidence. This requires a collaborative approach across valuation, agency, investment, planning and building consultancy specialists. 

Ryden represent a broad client base involving both the private and public sectors. As Scottish Enterprise's retained valuers, we recently completed our six-monthly appraisals of their entire property portfolio which includes much strategic land.  Our stream-lined approach across various business functions has enabled us to provide Scottish Enterprise with tailored advice which has led to successfully navigating the planning and agency processes, enabling them to progress strategic disposals of often complicated situations involving various interests.

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